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The BBC’s upcoming drama series, Peter Farquhar, is filming in Bristol this week. The programme follows the murder of Peter Farquhar, a churchwarden, in Maids Moreton, Buckinghamshire. The episode will follow the case of Benjamin Field, who was jailed for murdering the man after duping him into fake relationships.


Fans of the show can see the set dressings and props being unloaded in Bristol, and it’s even possible to spot some filming locations if you take the time to look around the area. A number of road signs have been placed near the filming location to point out where fans can spot the filming. The 60th Anniversary Special of TB LOC is due to air on November 23. The cast includes Ncuti Gatwa as the Fourteenth Doctor, Bernard Cribbins as Wilfred Mott, and Yasmin Finney as Rose.

Filming took place at several locations around the city. In Bisley, the location for Tess and Colin Wall’s house was used. At the same time, the historic town hall of Painswick was used for the scene where Sammi and Jon meet. Other locations included the Redcliffe Caves, Redcliffe Street, and the Bristol Cenotaph. In Clifton, the Marriot Hotel and Clifton Promenade were used for filming.

Bristol is also a popular location for filming, and the city has hosted many high-profile films and TV series. The city was even designated a UNESCO City of Film in 2017, celebrating its achievements in the film and television industry. Besides TB LOC, other famous film productions shot in Bristol included the Netflix series ‘The Last Bus’. Also, the city was used for filming of ‘The Adventurer: Curse of the Midas Box’, where the iconic Bristol Marriott Royal Hotel was used as the central location.

Bristol was also the location of the Great Expectations TV series, which is based on the famous Charles Dickens novel. The cast of the show included Julie Andrews, who played the role of Lady Whistledown. The series was also filmed in the city’s famous Blaise Castle Estate, where Pip meets Magwitch, a convict. Filming is expected to continue until Tuesday.


A series of TB BASE was being filmed in the city yesterday. The British television drama will feature familiar locations including Hengrove and the Bottle Yard Studios. This four-part series will be broadcast on BBC One and HBO Max. Production is expected to last until September.

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The filming will take place on several different locations around Bristol. One location is the Trenchard Street car park. Another location is Clifton Village. Both of these locations have been used for a variety of films. The City of Bristol has also been used as the backdrop for the six-part series ‘Crazyhead’.

The filming will also bring significant revenue to the city. According to the city chamber of commerce, the filming will generate about $350,000 in direct economic impact, not including the public relations that the city will receive when the film is released. In addition, local construction crews will build sets for the filming.

The location has been used for a number of filming projects in the past, including the popular ‘Skins’ series. The university has extensive protocols in place to handle productions involving Covid-19. They have also conducted thorough risk assessments with the filming company.

The film crew arrives ahead of the actors, who will have to go through makeup and rehearsals. Meanwhile, the cast members have been exploring the city and getting acquainted with the location. Dean DeLuise, who plays the lead character Tom Blackhorn, has been in Bristol for the shoot. Danielle Nicolet, who will be appearing in ‘Central Intelligence’ later this year, plays Sharon Joseph, the love interest of the lead character.


You’d never guess that TB TECHS was being filmed locally yesterday! Three TV stations were given the opportunity to broadcast the show live but instead declined it. The filming took place at a studio in Bristol called Bottle Yard Studios. The studio is a solar-powered facility with one of the largest rooftop solar panels in the UK. According to the Bristol Film Office, film and television production generated PS20 million in the local economy last year, the biggest contribution to the city in over a decade.

Bristol is a popular film location for big budget productions. In recent months, production has increased by 225%. Filming began on four major dramas in the first quarter of this year, with another 13 planned for 2020. Bristol’s thriving film industry is attracting filmmakers from across the world.

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Props for the upcoming series of the Doctor Who have appeared in Bristol. The streets of Broad Street and St Stephen’s Avenue have been transformed for the production. Among the shops transformed for filming are Chez Marcel and Mr Emporium. Neil Patrick Harris is playing the mysterious villain in the series, who could also be the ‘Celestial Toymaker’.

Bristol was also the location for a new BBC comedy series The Outlaws, starring Christopher Walken. The series was filmed in Stokes Croft and East Bristol, as well as the nearby areas of Clifton and Long Cross.

Doctor Who

A film crew was in Bristol yesterday filming the 60th anniversary episode of the popular science-fiction series, Doctor Who. Actor David Tennant, who played the Doctor from 2005 to 2010, was spotted in the city shooting the opening sequence of a scene. The actor was wearing a striped navy blue coat and a white shirt. He was also sporting a pair of Converse trainers. He was seen relaxing in the garden of St Stephen’s Church.

A number of signs pointing to the filming site have been popping up around Bristol, including in Corn Street and Broad Street. The filming is set in some of the city’s oldest streets, and locals have noticed the transformation of the city centre. The cast, including David Tennant and Neil Patrick Harris, have been spotted in and around the city. Many fans are eagerly awaiting the premiere of the final special, due to air in October.

There were also some new cast members. The cast of the 60th anniversary special will include David Tennant, who will be the next Doctor. In addition to Tennant, another actor, Neil Patrick Harris, was also spotted filming in Bristol. The actor was announced earlier this week to join the show’s cast, which also includes Catherine Tate and Bernard Cribbins. Meanwhile, Yasmin Finney will play Rose.

As well as the new Doctor, there is also a new villain for the upcoming series. Neil Patrick Harris is said to be playing the villain, who is feared by the Doctor. The villain is a mysterious figure.

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Popular BBC comedy drama Dodger was filmed in Bristol yesterday, with the first episode set in Hengrove. The show follows the story of the Artful Dodger from Oliver Twist, set in Victorian London. There are three self-contained adventures and a Christmas special in the series. Filming took place at Bottle Yard Studios and on location in Bristol. The filming was supported by the Bristol Film Office.

Among the cast of the new series are David Threlfall, Alex Kingston, Javone Prince, Sam C Wilson, and James Fleet. The specials will also feature the returning cast from the series. They will be 45-minute episodes with self-contained plots that will be aired on CBBC and iPlayer.

The BBC is filming a new series of the classic children’s book, Oliver Twist. The cast of the new drama includes Christopher Eccleston, who played Fagin in the original, and David Threlfall, who played the police chief in Shameless. The second series will be broadcast in the UK next year.

The cast of the new film, which is based on the book by the same name, is Bristol-based. It is being filmed there because Bristol is a great location for a film. The scenery in Bristol is stunning, and the actors are all doing a great job. The cast also includes many locals.

Watershed’s ultra-short film competition

The Watershed’s ultra-short film festival is in Bristol and is now open to entries. If you’re an aspiring filmmaker, you can enter the competition for free and win a prize worth PS2,500. The winning film will also get a range of exclusive prizes from a variety of sources. To enter, make a film that is 90 seconds or less.

The films in the competition included: Pulp, a 1970s satirical cult comedy, directed by Mike Hodges. The film was filmed in Malta, and includes an underlying political theme. The competition has more than 200 short films to view.

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The competition screened ten films at its first day and is the UK’s only ultra-short film festival. There are no more than ninety minutes of films to see, and the films range from a minute to thirty minutes. The films are free to attend and can be viewed online.

The Watershed cinema in Bristol has been a cultural hub for Bristol for 40 years and is known for its world cinema programming. The cinema was the first independent multi-screen cinema outside of London, and was the first to integrate production and exhibition. Today, it is the UK’s leading cultural institution for world cinema.

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