What is Being Filmed in Bristol Today?

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If you’re wondering what is being filmed in Bristol today, you’ve come to the right place. This city is host to a variety of productions. You may have heard of The Sixth Commandment, The Girl Before, Winter King, Rain Dogs, and more. You can also watch a new series of This Country, which is set to premiere in March 2020. In addition to its local productions, the city is also home to several international exhibitions.

The Sixth Commandment

Actor Timothy Spall has started filming scenes for a new BBC drama called The Sixth Commandment in Bristol. He will be starring alongside Anne Reid and Sheila Hancock. The drama is based on the true story of the murder of Peter Farquhar and Ann Moore-Martin. Ben Field, an undergraduate student, committed the murders. He was later acquitted of his crimes but was suspected of the murders in 2015.

Producers of the new series have announced that the filming will take place in Bristol and Bath this week. The Salisbury Poisons director Saul Dibb is the director of the film. He has worked closely with Peter Farquhar’s family to create this moving drama. The release date for the film has yet to be announced.

The Sixth Commandment is an upcoming BBC drama based on actual events. It stars Timothy Spall, a veteran British actor who has appeared in many famous movies and TV series. The cast includes Anne Reid, Eanna Hardwicke, Annabel Scholey, Conor MacNeill, Adrian Rawlins, and Amanda Root.

The Sixth Commandment is being filmed today in Bristol, an excellent location for filming a drama. Peter and Ann’s families work with the cast to bring their story to life. The film is set to air later this year on BBC One.

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The Girl Before

If you love BBC dramas, you’ll love to see Bristol featured in one. The Girl Before is set in Bristol. The four-part series follows Jane (Gugu Mbatha-Raw) as she moves into her new House. Her roommate, Emma (Jessica Plummer), had moved into the same House three years prior.

The show was initially filmed in London, but Bristol played a vital role in the production. Scenes were shot at Queen Square park, the University of Bristol’s Badock Hall, and the Corn Exchange offices above St Nicholas’ market. The shooting took place from April until May this year. The show was adapted from the novel by JP Delaney.

Bristol’s history and culture are also well-suited to dramatic filmmaking. Many of the city’s most iconic buildings are also home to filming locations. The city’s iconic Georgian House was used for scenes in the third season of the BBC period drama, and the Film Office assisted in the filming of the 60th-anniversary episode of Doctor Who last year.

Filming is a significant industry for Bristol. Last year, the city received over PS20 million in film and television productions. This was the highest value for film production in Bristol in ten years.

The Winter King

The Winter King is a new TV series based on bestselling novels by Bernard Cornwell. It stars Hugh Grant, Rege-Jean Page, Sophia Lillis, Jason Wong, and Daisy Head. It is currently being filmed near Bradford on Avon.

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Parts of the series are being shot in the area around Bristol. The city is home to the largest film studio in the West of England, Bottle Yard Studios. The Winter King is the first of a trilogy. The series will begin airing on ITVX in 2023. It was written by Nessah Muthy and directed by Otto Bathurst, who was previously associated with the original film.

Parts of the Blaise Castle Estate will be transformed into a medieval village with thatched houses and 30,000 square meters of floor space. The West Country and Wales are also being used for filming. Bristol is also being transformed into a fortified encampment as part of the production.

Bristol has a long and successful film history, and this industry is thriving in the city. Bristol’s Film Office is a public-sector body supporting local filmmaking. This body helps film productions and advises on how to get involved in the filming process.

Rain Dogs

It’s a dark comedy with an anarchic attitude set in Bristol, and the cast of Rain Dogs has just been announced. The new series is the brainchild of HBO and the BBC. It’s about a family in turmoil and the unlikely love affair between a single mother and a gay man. The cast includes Jack Farthing, Ronke Adekoluejo, Adrian Edmondson, Fleur Tashjian, and Daisy May Cooper.

The production of Rain Dogs is underway in Bristol. Daisy May Cooper, also a BAFTA Award winner, will star as a single mother trying to make a better life for her daughter. Sid Gentle Films and HBO produce the eight-part series.

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Ciara McIlvenny, who produced Rain Dogs, will work with the production company to develop her slate of shows. Ciara will collaborate with Sally Woodward Gentle and Henrietta Colvin to create presentations in Bristol. Ultimately, she wants to bring a new generation of young people to the city.

Producers of Rain Dogs, which will premiere on HBO and BBC One this fall, are excited to make the city a part of this new series. The show, set in the Cotswolds, was first filmed in Bristol in 2010. It is executive produced by Lee Morris, Sally Woodward Gentle, and Jo McClellan. Piers Wenger and Charlotte Moore commissioned the project.

The Last Bus

Bristol is the setting for a new film, The Last Bus, which is being filmed today. Wildseed Studios are creating the show, a scripted entertainment company specializing in family, younger, and older kids shows. The company was founded by Miles Bullough, who previously worked with Jesse Cleverly on the hit show Shaun, the Sheep. He was then spotted making videos on his mobile phone on YouTube and was approached by Wildseed, a production company known for discovering new talent.

Bristol is also home to a film studio, which is being used for The Last Bus. The studio in Hengrove is home to the southwest’s most influential British film and television production facility. It is also home to the Bottleyard Studios, a location for filming and other TV productions.

The film is an ensemble piece where a group of teenagers goes on a school trip to watch a robot drone launch. This robotic drone is controlled by an inventor, who is an Elon Musk figure. He has programmed the robots to be wise so they learn from their mistakes. After a while, they start killing everyone, including the humans. The teenagers eventually get out of the bus by escaping on a school bus and go home only to find everything changed.

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Bristol is home to a large ensemble of young talent. The cast includes Lauryn Ajufo, Moosa Mostafa, and Phoebe De Silva. The show also features West Country talent. One of the directors of the show is based in Bristol.

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