What Is Bristol County Massachusetts?

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Bristol is a county in its own right. This has always been the case, but the differences between unitary authorities and cities create confusion. Here we’ll take a look at the area, schools, and population of Bristol county. This will help you make an informed decision about moving to this area.


The Southern Part of Bristol County, Massachusetts is a region that contains the towns of Acushnet, Dartmouth, Freetown, New Bedford, Somerset, Swansea, Westport, and Weston. The county is also adjacent to Rhode Island. The Bristol County, Massachusetts area is a part of the Providence-Warwick, RI-MA Metropolitan Statistical Area.

The City of Bristol is a cosmopolitan, diverse city that is home to many cultural and music events, including the International Balloon Fiesta. It has a population of half a million and is a popular tourist destination. However, the Area of Bristol County still causes some confusion for visitors and locals alike.

Fortunately, the Area of Bristol County has legal name change services that can help people change their name legally. The process is simple and requires a name change petition and certain documents. In some states, a formal advertisement is required before the name change can take effect, which is usually done by posting a notice in a local newspaper.

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Westport’s population was 15,814 as of the 2010 Census, an increase of 282 residents from the previous year. The growth was in line with the 1.2 percent increase of Bristol County and the overall population of the United States. In the same time period, Westport’s household population decreased by 1 percent, while the overall population of the state grew by 3.5 percent.

As of 2010, the percentage of adults aged 18 and over living in Bristol County was 79.7%, compared to 80.6% for the rest of the state. In 2020, the population of Bristol County is estimated to be 579,000, up from 548,000 in 2010. In comparison, Massachusetts’ population is projected to grow by 7% over the same time period and will be over 7 million people. These figures mirror the national trends, with the United States’ population growing by 7.1% to reach 331.4 million people in 2020.

Bristol County is made up of 553 square miles (1,430 km2) of land and 138 square miles (360 km2) of water. Its highest point is Sunrise Hill (Watery Hill), located in the World War I Memorial Park in North Attleborough. The county is home to the towns of Taunton and Plymouth. The region was the center of sailing and discovery during the American Revolution.

The census bureau releases demographic data every decade, with the most current data available every year. However, the data is not guaranteed to be 100% accurate. Counts by age, race, and ethnicity are also available.

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The list below contains schools in Bristol County, Massachusetts. Select a school district from the list to learn more. You can also search by location. School districts are listed alphabetically, and clicking a school name will take you to a list of all schools in the district. The schools are rated based on their performance on academics and equity.

Bristol County Public Schools offers a variety of programs, including agricultural programs. The campus has been redesigned to integrate these programs with new technology and specialized spaces. It includes six new buildings, including the Center for Science and the Environment, a Student Commons, and an agricultural Mechanics Building.

Zelda, a student at Bristol Aggie, seeks initial admission to the 9th grade exploratory program. She submitted a complete application with transcripts and written recommendations and interviewed with school staff. By the end of June 2005, her parents learned that she was placed on a waiting list for admission. They believe this was based on her disability.

The data provided on this page is based on information gathered by the National Center for Education Statistics (NCES) and the U.S. Department of Education. The information includes student membership and staffing. Most districts have just one high school. Those numbers are based on the latest school year. However, they may change from time to time.

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Schools in bristol county

Bristol County Public Schools are free and open to all students. Unlike private schools, Bristol County Public Schools are funded by taxpayers. As such, they are required by state law to educate all children. Massachusetts’ compulsory education law mandates that every child attend public school. Statistics about public school enrollment and educational attainment are available through the U.S. Census Bureau.

At the Bristol County Agricultural School, students learn about sustainability and animal care. They also learn about natural resource conservation and recycling programs. The school has six new buildings, including the Student Commons and the Center for Science and the Environment. The center includes a natural resource museum curated by students. It also includes two vegetative green roofs, a solar array and composting toilets.

In an effort to address this issue, the Department of Education (DOE) has intervened. The DOE is the ultimate guarantor of free public education and non-discrimination in publicly funded education programs. Because of this, the DOE has a vital interest in resolving the Student’s claims against the Bristol Aggie, the B-R public schools, and the state.

SchoolDigger uses data from multiple sources to create the maps. The data is compiled by the National Center for Education Statistics (NCES) and the Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education (TES). Additionally, it uses ATTOM’s School Attendance Areas database. While SchoolDigger strives to maintain accurate boundary data, it’s important to understand that the boundary lines are approximations and should not be used as an absolute. Moreover, users should verify the accuracy of the boundary information with the local tax assessor office.

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School districts in bristol county

In Bristol County, Massachusetts, there are 138 public school districts. These districts are organized alphabetically, and each name links to a list of all schools within the district. The public schools in the county are not all equal, however, with some offering higher-quality education than others. You may want to look into private schools in Bristol County if you’re unsure about which public schools are best for your child.

There have been several reports of COVID dogs visiting schools in Freetown, Lakeville, and Norton, Massachusetts. These dogs are trained to detect the smell of COVID, and they will sit to indicate that they’ve smelled it. Captain Paul Douglas of the Bristol County Police Department said the dogs are not able to smell individual people, but they will locate specific omicrons and deltas.

The Bristol County Agricultural School, which teaches students from all four Bristol County school districts, did not respond to the Student’s motion for summary judgment. The motion for summary judgment was denied. The Student appealed, and the Massachusetts Department of Education joined the case as a party in the appeal. Once the ruling is final, the parties must contact the scheduling coordinator of the Bristol-Raynham Educational Association (BSEA) within 15 days and submit written status updates within 30 days. The parties must conclude all discovery within 45 days of the ruling.

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