What is Upfest Bristol?

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If you love street art and graffiti, you might be curious about Upfest Bristol. It is the largest street art and graffiti festival in Europe and is free to attend. You can find out more about it in this article. The festival is also growing, and will soon be expanding into Greville Smyth Park.

Upfest is Europe’s largest street art and graffiti festival

Bristol is a city that is renowned for its street art. The city has produced some of the world’s most famous street artists, including Banksy, and is the home to one of the largest street art and graffiti festivals in Europe. At Upfest Bristol, the city will be covered in beautiful murals and graffiti, and over 275 artists will be painting live in front of thousands of visitors.

Upfest has a new format for its next edition, which will start on Thursday, 5 May, and run until Wednesday, 25 May. After that, the festival will run from Saturday, 28 May to Sunday, 29 May, and take place across several venues in Bristol. Throughout the festival, visitors can enjoy live demonstrations of graffiti and street art, and browse the Upfest Gallery to see some of the best pieces.

Upfest has become Europe’s largest street art and graffiti festival, and it continues to attract world-class artists to the area. Thousands of visitors flock to Bedminster for this festival every year, and the Upfest Gallery shares the best pieces from the festival with the public.

At the 2018 festival, the artists painted over one million square feet, and there were plenty of murals to admire. There was a London Police mural, which welcomed festival goers. This mural features LADs, which are fun to look at. Another major mural was painted by Hong Kong artist Bao. It was still heavily inspired by Banksy, and also featured a Simpsons-inspired theme.

It takes place in Bedminster

Upfest Bristol is a street art festival that takes place over the weekend of July 25th and 26th in Bedminster, Bristol. The two-day event features live art sessions, pop-up salons, local food stalls, and independent traders. You will find a wide variety of works by local and international artists.

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Since its founding in 2003, Upfest has evolved from a handful of people who gathered in an old tobacco factory to a world-class international art festival. In 2013, a pandemic forced the festival to be cancelled, but thankfully, it has returned. This year’s festival features new murals and amazing artists. In addition, Argentine artist Martin Ron will show off his photorealistic skills and Croatian artist Lonac will dance across Bedminster walls.

The festival will also feature some impressive graffiti artwork. The Upfest team has teamed up with local artists to create some amazing murals that have a global impact. One mural features a figurative figure, while another features an abstract painting of a flower. Another mural features the work of the artist Sophie Mess, who has been commissioned to paint an entire section of the Tobacco Factory, which previously had portraits of famous faces.

There are also lots of interactive activities geared towards children. The festival’s doodle wall is open to all ages, and the charity NACOA will have a section with face painting and badge making activities. Another interactive area for young visitors will be set up by the Bristol Bordeaux Partnership in association with Colourful Minds. There will also be a cardboard animal workshop and a giant letter making workshop, which will be a great way to engage children in art.

Upfest also features a mural by SPzero76. His piece, entitled “Hero,” depicts the Ukrainian president Volodymyr Zelenskyy opening his shirt and a blue and yellow superman logo. The work also features a calligraphy-inspired painting by Kosc. Upfest will also feature artwork by renowned Bristol street artist Venessa Scott. The Bedminster Dream Tree, which features penguins, is another mural that features local artists.

It’s free to attend

As a free event, Upfest Bristol is a popular choice for the Bristol community. The event is a celebration of culture and community, and it’s a gem of the summer festival calendar. The festival is run by volunteers and local businesses, and there are many ways to get involved. You can volunteer in advance, or you can help out during the event. For more information, visit their website.

Upfest Bristol is Europe’s largest street art festival, attracting over 25,000 visitors. The festival features innovative street artists from around the world, who will paint the city’s streets, buildings and canvasses. The city will become a living gallery during the two-week event, with more than 30,000 square feet of art to be admired.

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The festival is free to attend, and there will be food, clothing, and craft stalls at the festival. The festival will also feature a musical lineup, complete with a range of rhythms that will get you moving and resonating with the artists. There will also be live art demonstrations.

Street art is an integral part of the Bristol community, and Upfest Bristol embraces all forms of street art. Various materials are used to create the art, including charcoal, power washing, sketching markers, spray paint, and ceramic tiles. Even chewing gum is included. There are free events for all ages, so everyone can get in on the fun!

Upfest Bristol has two stages for music and is held at the iconic Tobacco Factory. It also hosts a street food market and urban clothing market. Located on North Street, it is easily accessible by bus or train.

It’s expanding into Greville Smyth Park

Upfest is one of Europe’s largest street art festivals, and it will soon expand into Greville Smyth Park. The international street art festival, in its 15th year, has transformed the city of Bedminster into a vibrant gallery of street art. The festival features hundreds of live street artists and murals, and the city is awash with colour.

The event’s artistic themes have been reflected in the new murals. The North Street Standard is home to a large floral portrait, while the Avon News’s building is painted in a comic-book style. The park also features a Mycelium Girl mural, which was completed by a street artist.

Upfest is free to attend. Volunteers help put on the event, and artists paint their works of art for no charge. It is non-ticketed, though programmes are available to purchase for a donation to the National Association of Community Arts. Throughout the festival, toilets will be available at Greville Smyth Park, Ashton Gate Stadium, and The Tobacco Factory. There are also First Aid Points at Greville Smyth Park and the Tobacco Factory.

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As part of Upfest, the city will host art workshops in collaboration with artists from Bordeaux. The collaboration will feature murals by renowned artists, including HazardOne, whose works feature women and girls. The collaboration is sponsored by POSCA Paint Pens and Kobra Spray Paint.

The artists that are joining the event have a strong sense of community, which is evident in the new murals around the park. Some of the most impressive are based on character based art and lettering. In fact, there are three hot air balloons painted on the Luckwell pub, presumably a nod to the hot air balloon festival held each year. The surrounding balloons feature finger signs spelling words in British Sign Language, which is a language for deaf people.

It’s a party atmosphere

Upfest Bristol is a vibrant arts festival which has become an annual event. The city’s iconic buildings have been transformed into works of art by local artists. There are murals on the walls of the North Street Standard, Avon News and Ebenezer Pocket Park. One artist has painted a flowering portrait, which you can view on North Street. Another artist has completed a large mural depicting the iconic Six Sisters.

The music scene is particularly vibrant in Bristol, with regular music events and performances from local artists. The music scene is diverse, with the city’s harbourside being filled with ships from around the world. This cosmopolitan atmosphere makes Bristol a lively place to party. The city’s vibrant arts scene also has an exciting food and drinks scene.

The art festival is not just about art, but also aims to empower women by collaborating with local artists. This year’s Upfest featured artists who are female empowerment and gender equality. Artists such as L7M, whose work is exhibited all over the city, paint at an amazing rate – two large pieces were completed by the second day of the festival. Ceramic artist China Girl, meanwhile, painstakingly built a giraffe over three months. She delivered the sculpture to Bristol via diplomatic pouch, and she painted murals throughout the Tobacco Factory yard.

The festival will take place over four days. During the first day, there will be performances from Nile Rodgers with CHIC. The former Beats 1 radio show frontman is responsible for several hits including Good Times, Everybody Dance and Le Freak. The next day will be dedicated to the second day of the festival and will conclude with the biggest gig in Bristol so far.

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