What Tier Are We in Bristol?


If you’re wondering what tier we are in Bristol, you’ve come to the right place. Let’s take a look at the current tier system to see what Bristol is all about. Is Bristol in the top tier? The answer may surprise you.

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The BS3 postcode area is located in Bristol. This tier is composed of 1191 individual postcodes and is under the Bristol, City of Council authority. This tier has an AB social grade, meaning that its residents are in the middle-upper class. BS3 postcodes may represent areas of deprivation. For example, if you live in BS3, you may find that the area is more deprived than the rest of Bristol.

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If you are worried about safety, you can take a look at the Covid alert levels for the Bristol area. These levels indicate how much safety is needed in a venue. As a result, you should plan your trip accordingly. You should also consider the number of spectators attending the match. For instance, if you want to sit next to a friend who works in Bristol, you should consider buying a ticket that is not too expensive.

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