What Time Is Fajr in Bristol?


If you follow the Islamic faith, you may wonder what time is fajr in Bristol. The time in Bristol is 06:13 AM. However, there are also different time zones that may result in slightly different times. For example, in Bristol, the time of Fajr is at 06:13 AM while the time of Zuhr is at 11:33 AM. There is also a difference between the two prayers, and if you’re confused, you can even print out the timetable for Bristol and follow along with your prayer.

11:33 AM

Fajr is the time of prayer in Islam. It starts at dawn and lasts until the sun rises. After the sun rises, the Fajr time in Bristol ends at 6:55 AM. The rest of the day is spent in prayer. If you’re wondering when you’ll find the right time to pray in Bristol, you can check the time of Fajr prayer in Bristol by checking our detailed Fajr time and prayer timings.

The time of Fajr in Bristol is given in the city’s Namaz timetable. It also shows daily Fajar time, Dhuhur time, Asr time, and Maghrib time. In addition, it shows the direction of Qibla and its timings. It is also possible to customize these numbers to get accurate prayer times for Bristol.

Fajr is the first time of prayer for Muslims in Bristol. The city’s prayer times follow the Islamic calendar for the fourteenth month of Rabi al-Akhir. The other prayer times are Asr, Maghrib, and Isha. The prayer times in Bristol are accurate, but they will change based on the day of the week.

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The time of fajr in Bristol is 8:56 AM. However, if you are in Bristol at the time of Fajr, you should still be able to pray. If you’d like, you can pray Zuhr as well. If you’re planning to stay up until the sun rises, you should be able to hear the Azan e Zuhr.

1:46 PM

Fajr time in Bristol is one of the most important parts of the Islamic calendar. It is the time of the recitation of the Holy Qur’an. It begins at 5:00 AM and continues until the sun rises. The prayer time in Bristol varies for different Sunni schools.

Fajr time in Bristol is based on 14 Rabi Al-Akhar 1444. The corresponding times for Maghrib, Asr, and Isha prayer are also provided. These times are adjustable and can be viewed for the next 7 days. If you’d prefer, you can also calculate the time of the Fajr in Bristol by using a custom calculator.

Similarly, the time of imsak and Iftar in Bristol are one hour apart. This means that the first Salah in Bristol will be performed ten minutes earlier than the second Salah. The calculation method used for these times is based on the arcs of dawn and el fajr (of the Sun). However, other calculations may give slightly different results when calculating the time of fajr and iftar in Bristol.

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Fajr time in Bristol is one of the most important times for Muslims. They can use these times to pray and seek Allah’s blessings. The earliest Fajr time is 05:47 AM, while the last fajr is 6:36 PM. It is important to know the exact time to pray and offer salat for the best results.

4:11 PM

The fajr time in Bristol is 4:11 PM. It is also known as Maghrib. This is the beginning of the Muslim day and it includes 7 Rakat, 3 Farz, and 2 Sunnah. The prayer concludes ten minutes before the time of Isha prayer in Bristol at 5:59 PM. The Isha prayer in Bristol consists of 17 Rakat, 4 Fard, and 2 Nafl. It begins after the zawal time at 4:30 PM. This time is followed by Fajr time in Bristol, which is 5:00 AM.

Fajr in Bristol is 4:11 PM and Dhuhur is at 4:56 AM. The azan and salat times in Bristol are provided on the website. In addition to the Fajr timing, the site also provides the time for Maghrib and Isha in Bristol, and the supplication of Quran. This information is very helpful to Muslims in Bristol, as it allows them to perform their religion in peace.

The prayer times in Bristol are based on the islamic calendar. They are based on the 14 Rabi Al-Akhar 1444, and are for the convenience of all Muslims. The Fajr prayer time is 5:00 AM, Dhuhr is 11:33 AM, Asr is 1:46 PM, Maghrib is 4:11 PM, and Isha is 5:59 PM.

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5:59 PM

If you are Muslim in Bristol, you should know the prayer times. Fajr, Dhuhr, Asr, Maghrib, and Isha are held at different times each day. The time for each prayer is given below for your convenience. These times are based on 14 Rabi al-Akhar 1444.

Fajr in Bristol begins at dawn at 5:00 AM and ends at sunrise at 6:55 AM. If you are a Sunni Muslim, you can find out the prayer time for Bristol below. You can also find the time of Iftar in Bristol by searching online.

Bristol Namaz timings are also provided. This includes Fajar (Asr), Dhuhur (Dhuhur), Asr (Asr), Maghrib (Isha), and Isha (Isha). The Namaz time is also provided, along with the Qibla direction and a customizable method for calculating the next seven days.

The Maghrib prayer in Bristol is at 4:11 PM. The Maghrib prayer consists of seven Rakat, two Sunnah, and two Farz. Asr time in Bristol is ten minutes before Fajr. Similarly, Isha time in Bristol is five minutes before Fajr.

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