What Happened in Bristol Yesterday?

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The CSP is on the scene investigating the shooting that left two police officers dead and another officer in critical condition. The CSP’s Public Information Officer is en route and a press conference is expected shortly. Ben Lambert covers public safety and police issues for the Register Citizen. He graduated from the University of Massachusetts-Amherst. He has also worked at MassLive and The Valley Advocate. He’s also an avid Boston Celtics fan.

Officer Alex Hamzy

Officer Alex Hamzy was involved in an incident yesterday in Bristol that ended in tragedy. He had been a member of the Bristol police department since 2014. He was a member of the Patrol Division. He had grown up in the area and attended Bristol Eastern High School. He was married and had two children. He was a frequent patron of Uncle Sam’s Restaurant.

The incident left two sworn officers dead, including the sergeant. The other officer, Lt. Alex Hamzy, was also shot and killed in the incident. The officer was an employee of the Bristol police department since 2014, and was promoted last year. He was a member of the school resource officer program and had received several awards. He also served as a patrol officer and received numerous letters of commendation and recognition from his colleagues.

The incident is being investigated by the Office of Inspector General and the Bristol Police Department. It also involved the New Britain Judicial District State’s Attorney’s Office. The state’s Attorney’s Office in New Haven and New Britain is conducting their own investigation. The report was prepared with information provided by Mike Mavredakis.

In a statement, the Hamzy family described their son as an “all-American” patriot. He was a former advisor for the Bristol Police Explorer Cadet Program and a lifelong fan of the Patriots and Yankees. He was 34 years old when he died, and he is survived by his parents and extended family.

The shooting of Hamzy and DeMonte marked the first deaths in a police line of duty in Bristol in 80 years. The town has a population of 61,000 and is located 20 miles outside of Hartford. The last death in the city occurred on May 17, 1944, when Officer Ernest W. Schilke died from gas fumes caused by an explosion at a mill. It is unclear what prompted this fatal incident in Bristol.

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Hamzy’s death has resulted in a public mourning period for the families and the community. His wife Kate did not have children, but the couple had just one year of marriage. The funeral ceremony was livestreamed on CBS News New York. Police officers from all over the state gathered to support the grieving family.

Sgt. Dustin DeMonte

DeMonte was a veteran of the Bristol Police Department. He graduated from Central Connecticut State University in 2012. He was just weeks away from starting a master’s program in organizational leadership at Nichols College in Dudley, Massachusetts. His classes were set to begin on Halloween. His family and friends have paid tribute to him and his commitment to his job. Last year, he helped organize a ceremony to honor fallen officers. In 2016, he helped honor Officer James Burns, another officer who was killed in the line of duty.

Police released new details about the shooting. The shooting occurred at a home on Redstone Hill Road in Bristol on Wednesday night. Police were called to the residence at around 10:29 p.m. The shooting was a result of a deliberate ambush. The suspect, Nicholas Brutcher, was already outside when officers arrived. He reportedly shot the officers who arrived at the scene. The suspect died at the scene. Sergeant DeMonte was also shot. He later died at the hospital.

The community came together to pay tribute to the fallen officer. After the attack, a group called the Tunnel to Towers Foundation organized a vigil in honor of Sgt. Dustin DeMont’s family was notified. The organization offered financial support to the DeMonte family. The foundation’s efforts will help the families of fallen first responders.

The Office of the Inspector General has launched an investigation into the incident. It is still unclear what prompted the shooting. In the meantime, the family is asking for condolences and other gestures of love. It has also organized a fundraiser for the victims’ families.

The investigation into the incident is still ongoing, but police have released two officers’ bodycam footage. They were responding to a 911 call. During the incident, Brutcher fired more than 80 rounds of ammunition at the officers. The officers were struck from behind and DeMonte and Hamzy were killed. The suspect’s younger brother, Nathan, was wounded.

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Two police officers were killed in an apparent ambush style shooting last week. Their bodies will be laid to rest at the Pratt & Whitney Stadium at Rentschler Field in East Hartford. The funeral service will begin at 9:30 a.m.

Sgt. Nicholas Brutcher

Police are investigating the circumstances of Sgt. Nicholas Brutcher’s death in Bristol, Connecticut. He was shot in the neck and spinal cord. There has been no mention of whether the shooting was intentional or not. The death is being treated as a homicide.

The two officers were friends. Hamzy was a former student at Bristol Eastern High School and was married with a daughter. He is survived by his wife and two sisters. Hamzy was hired as a sergeant in 2014 and was a native of the city. His brother was also shot but survived. Hamzy, who was a sergeant for eight years, and Iurato, who was a patrol officer, are both survived by their parents and siblings.

The Office of the Inspector General has released a preliminary report into the shooting. According to the report, Officer Iaruto used reasonable force in shooting Nicholas Brutcher. The shooting occurred after Brutcher fired over 80 rounds at officers. The officers were able to take cover behind the police cruiser, and Officer Iurato then fired the fatal shot.

State police say a phony domestic incident was the basis of the ambush. The suspect waited outside the home and opened fire as the police arrived. The sound of the heavy gunfire resembled a war zone. The suspect killed the first officer when they arrived, and the second officer died later at the hospital. The third officer was wounded, but has not been formally identified.

The Bristol Police Department has 122 sworn members. The department chief called both officers “heroes.” DeMonte, a 10-year veteran of the department, had been promoted to sergeant last year. He served as a school resource officer and had received several awards. He was also a police cadet advisor. Both officers received numerous letters of recognition and commendation from colleagues.

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Police have released limited information regarding the incident, and the motive for the shooting has not been revealed. The state’s attorney’s office did not respond to requests for comment. The incident remains under investigation, but the tragedy has touched the lives of local residents.

Officer Dustin Iurato

There has been a lot of public discussion on Officer Dustin Iurato’s arrest, and rightly so. While he is now facing criminal charges, the incident was not a random act of violence. The officer had been trained to respond in this situation, and by following his training, he was able to stop a violent threat. While the investigation is ongoing, the video footage shows that Iurato was a hero.

The incident took place Wednesday night, but the details are still emerging. The officers were called to a residence on Redstone Hill Road. It’s unclear what prompted the call, but it appears that the homeowner was deliberately luring law enforcement. When they arrived, Nicholas Brutcher was already outside. After a shootout ensued, he shot and killed Officer Alex Hamzy. He also wounded Sgt. Dustin DeMonte, who was pronounced dead later.

Hamzy was employed at the Bristol Police Department for eight years and was an advisor for the police cadet program. His family has expressed gratitude to the public for its support. Iurato, who joined the police department last year, also has a background in law, government, and national security. His arrest, which took place Thursday, is not surprising and will likely lead to further investigations.

Iurato’s body-cam video shows him at the scene of the shooting. He returned fire after the shooting. In addition to killing the suspect, Iurato also was shot. The body-cam footage shows a chaotic scene. The police department released some parts of Iurato’s body-cam recording. Throughout the video, Iurato can be heard breathing heavily.

The shooting remains under investigation. A Connecticut State Police major crimes unit is investigating the incident. According to WABC, the shooting occurred after police responded to an altercation in a bar. However, the New York Times has not independently verified the report. Connecticut Governor Ned Lamont said the incident was a “devastating reminder of the dangers of law enforcement officers.” Despite the shooting, fewer police officers have been killed in Connecticut this year than last.

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Several police officers in Bristol stood by their fallen colleagues. Some even lined the streets to follow the vehicle carrying Hamzy’s body.

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