What Happened to Becky Watts in Bristol?

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The Keeping Bristol Safe Partnership has conducted a review of the case of Becky Watts Bristol. She was 16 years old when she was murdered in February 2015. Shauna Hoare and Nathan Matthews were her killers. Their motive is unknown. The police are investigating the case.

Nathan Matthews

Nathan Matthews was sentenced to 33 years in prison for the murder of his step-sister. He is currently serving the term in Long Lartin prison in Worcestershire. Matthews and his girlfriend Shauna Hoare appealed the sentence in June 2016. Becky’s father described the sentence as “absolutely sickening”, “unsafe” and “inhumane”. A judge found that there was no reasonable argument to reduce the sentence.

At the trial, Matthews admitted that he killed Becky but said that it was a tragic accident. Hoare denied knowing about the crime. It took a jury three hours to convict both of them. Matthews was sentenced to life in prison and Hoare was sentenced to seventeen years.

After murdering Becky, Matthews and Hoare hid her body in the room and dismembered her body with a knife and circular saw. They then disposed of her remains in the neighbour’s shed. While Matthews initially denied murdering Becky, he later admitted manslaughter and conspiracy to kidnap. Despite his confession, he still denies the charges against him.

Matthews has admitted manslaughter but never took full responsibility for his actions. He forced Becky’s family and friends to endure a long, emotionally-torturous trial. He is now serving a minimum of 33 years in prison. His girlfriend has not been charged with murder, but with manslaughter.

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While Matthews’ friends were watching a parody video of the hit Disney movie Frozen, it was not known whether they watched the version they watched. While they acted in a playful manner, the men watched a clip of the clip on YouTube, which featured two women impersonating characters from the Disney movie. During their stay at Becky Watts’ home, the two were armed with handcuffs and stun guns. The pair also played a game of Monopoly and even laughed at a parody of the Disney film “Frozen.”

The murder of Becky Watts shocked the country, but many observers remained puzzled as to why the teenager had been murdered. Nathan Matthews and Shauna Hoare were both convicted of manslaughter but Professor David Wilson suggested that the two men had a folie a deux, a form of shared psychosis.

Shauna Hoare

Shauna Hoare and Becky Watt’s relationship began in Bristol when they met and fell in love. Although the two were not married, Matthews’s sexual fantasies became a focus in their relationship, and he began to touch Becky’s leg through her clothing. The two began going out more and Becky became increasingly fashion conscious. She was also very fond of animals, music, and the cinema.

Becky Watts and Shauna Hoare met while working at a hostel in Bristol. They had been living apart since their teenage years, but were now living together in a house that was run by Bristol City Council. Matthews and Hoare shared a Facebook page, and Hoare allegedly shared leering messages with Matthews. The two had several threesome sex sessions.

Matthews and Hoare’s home was searched by police and forensic officers. Police found several items that could have led to the missing persons. The pair’s phone, laptop, and tablet computer were found in the house. Police also found Watts’ clothes and possessions.

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After a period of 12 days, police found Becky’s body in a shed near their home. Nathan was later arrested and charged with murder and perverting the course of justice. After he was arrested, the police turned their attention to Shauna.

In 2015, Nathan Matthews and Shauna Hoare were convicted of murder and manslaughter for the murder of Becky Watts. Becky’s stepbrother was sentenced to 33 years in prison and his girlfriend to 17 years in prison. The families of both women accessed a number of services but none of them knew that they had a connection with each other.

Matthews was a young carer, and his relationship with Hoare began when she was just 15 years old and Becky was 22. She had expressed fears about being abused and told the family support worker that she had read about cases where a child was abducted. Becky’s behaviour was described as “controlling and lacking aspiration” and she was also described as being “frightened” of being taken by someone. She had a pronounced anxiety disorder. Her behaviour was also worse when her step-brother was present. In the end, no professional could have prevented this tragic event.

Hoare, who lived in Cotton Mill Lane in Bristol, denies murder and kidnapping. She also denies possessing a prohibited weapon and perverting the course of justice. The defendants, both men and women, were arrested after a police officer stopped the Ford Fiesta near the court in Bristol.

Rebecca Watts

What happened to Rebecca Watts in Bristol? Rebecca Watts was a 16-year-old student from Crown Hill in Bristol, England. She was quiet and shy. She disappeared on February 19, 2015, and was found dead three days later. Her boyfriend, Nathan Matthews, has been jailed for 33 years for murder. Four other people have been charged with assisting an offender. In addition to Matthews, a fifth person has not been charged.

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The family of Rebecca Watts is now asking the question: What happened to the 16-year-old girl? The family is seeking the public’s help to find out what happened to the teenager. The public has a right to know the truth about what happened to Becky Watts.

Becky’s mother and father had split up before she was born. Her mother, Tanya Watts, raised her. Becky lived with her mother and stepfather until the Bristol Safeguarding Children Board took her from her mother when she was three. The board believed that she was being neglected by her mother. She was a good student, and a friend of Courtney Bicker. By the time she was sixteen, Becky began dating Nathan Matthews, a former classmate.

The death of Becky Watts was the result of domestic violence. The Bristol Safeguarding Children Board investigated her death. Her death was a result of abuse of a child. Matthews and her friend were deemed to be a possible risk to Becky. The board also looked into the wider family of Becky.

Keeping Bristol Safe Partnership review of becky watts bristol

The Keeping Bristol Safe Partnership (KBSP) is an umbrella organisation which brings together the police and other statutory agencies. In the case of Becky Watts, the group said that the case shows lessons for all agencies involved. She was believed to be vulnerable to sexual exploitation, and told professionals that she was scared of being abducted. She also raised concerns about a young male peer who was posting explicit images online. In the end, she was murdered by her step-brother Nathan Matthews. Her dismembered body was found in Barton Hill.

The KBSP review of Becky Watts reveals that many agencies have been working together since her death, including the Avon and Somerset Police. The report states that there are nine recommendations for different agencies to implement. The recommendations include training on coercive behaviour and advice for those working with young people.

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The report is based on information from a comprehensive investigation of Becky’s case. The BSP has identified eight lessons that can be learned from this case and nine recommendations to be implemented. One of these lessons is the need to ensure that all services are working towards the same goal – helping vulnerable people.

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