What Are People Protesting About in Bristol?

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If you’re looking for what people are protesting in Bristol, this article will give you a flavour of the local scene. We’ve got the ‘Kill the Bill’ protest, the Extinction Rebellion, the No Fixed Abode Anti Fascists and the All Black Lives Party.

‘Kill the Bill’ protests

Several protesters were sentenced to prison after violent incidents during the ‘Kill the Bill’ protests that took place in Bristol in March 2018. Five men and one woman were found guilty of rioting after the protests and four of them received jail sentences totaling 74 years and nine months. The most recent prisoner, Charly Pitman, was sentenced to three years behind bars after pleading guilty to rioting at Bristol Crown Court. He was found guilty of attacking police officers by striking their helmets and shields. The court said that the actions of Pitman’s group of protesters had caused the police force to fear for their lives.

The protesters began pushing police officers and hurling objects at their lines. As tensions rose, the police used batons and shields to disperse the crowd. Demonstrators began chanting, “Whose streets are these?” and “Our streets are our streets,” and set off fireworks, as they fought for their right to demonstrate.

Some protesters threw glass bottles and cones at police. The police claim that one of the officers suffered a punctured lung. However, this claim was not confirmed. Some protesters and first-aiders have claimed that police used shields as weapons. However, police have defended the use of shields as a legitimate tactic.

The ‘Kill the Bill’ protests were marked by shocking police brutality and violence. Protesters were outraged by proposed amendments to the Police, Crime, Sentencing and Courts Bill, which would limit their rights to protest. They would be prohibited from holding protests after 10pm and would have to obey a police order if they cause serious annoyance.

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Extinction Rebellion

If you are looking for a good environmental group in Bristol, Extinction Rebellion may be a great option. The group has a strong environmental message and follows ten core principles. It meets weekly to welcome new members, plan events and deliver training. The group focuses on a’regenerative culture’ and tackling burnout, as well as sharing fears and discussing ideas.

The protest in Bristol is bringing together hundreds of people from across the city. The protesters include pensioners, students, and families. Rachel Cracknell from Easton, Bristol, has joined the protest with her three-month-old daughter Betony. Another activist, Sue Kilroe from Stokes Croft, is a rebel elder. A pensioner called Henry Shaw, from the Cots, is also protesting.

The protest is part of a larger movement in the UK. It follows the science found in the IPCC report and calls for an urgent transition to a renewable energy economy. However, the UK government continues to back environmentally damaging developments such as fracking, a third runway at Heathrow, and a coal mine in Copeland. This is not only causing damage to the environment, but also threatening the future of our species.

The protests were controversial, but they also had some redeeming features. One of them was the arrest of a banker in Canary Wharf. Although roadblocks were a controversial part of the demonstrations, they were not the only ones. The group did decide not to use roadblocks in future.

All Black Lives Party

The All Black Lives Party will be holding a protest in Bristol on Sunday in support of the black community. The protest is centered on the killing of George Floyd in Bristol, which shocked the world. The murder of Floyd was captured on video, and the video went viral both within the city and beyond. The Bristol Police Superintendent Andy Bennett and Mayor Marvin Rees have reviewed the events that led to the arrest and subsequent shooting. The police have said that the response was proportionate and correct.

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The All Black Lives Party is an anti-racist group that is supporting the global Black Lives Movement. The movement has gained momentum after the recent shootings of Breonna Taylor and George Floyd, which have reignited debates about racism and racial injustice. It has also prompted protests in other cities, including Bristol. Black Lives Party members are urging people to take action against racism.

The police may also set noise and time limits for the protest. Those who do not abide by the restrictions could be prosecuted. Protesters who damage public property, including memorials, could face up to 10 years in jail. At least one statue was toppled during a Black Lives Matter protest in Bristol last year.

The Bristol mayor, Marvin Rees, has struck a more conciliatory tone. The removal of the Colston statue will divide opinion, as it has for many years. The local police chief Andy Bennett said that around 10,000 people took part in the Bristol protest, and most of the demonstrators spoke out peacefully and respectfully.

No Fixed Abode Anti Fascists

Anti-fascist activists in Bristol are being accused of violent behaviour. Police said masked protesters attacked three bald men, who were then arrested. They were bailed to appear at dates in July. The anti-fascists’ behaviour and carnival-like atmosphere has been criticised.

Some anti-fascists argue that fascism is present everywhere, but they have chosen to focus on ‘far right’ political space. Those who practice this approach share a commitment to ‘no platform’ – preventing ‘fascist’ viewpoints from contributing to public debate. They also believe in ‘direct action’ – using their own power to pursue their goals.

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The anti-fascists say they are not Nazis. But they are committed to resisting them. Bristol anti-fascists have made their position on fascism clear. They have made their point in the streets, including the city’s College Green.

Bristol airport expansion

The Bristol Airport Action Network is the group of people who are protesting against the proposed expansion. The group is angry at the rich people who own the airport. They say that the expansion will be detrimental to the people of the city. The North Somerset Council also opposes the plan.

The council and the airport are in a legal battle. The airport wants to expand to accommodate more passengers. The council is appealing the decision to the government, but it will cost money. It is possible that the council will lose the case, and the airport will end up paying the legal fees for its legal challenge.

The expansion is expected to increase passenger numbers by 50 percent by 2040. However, local opponents are concerned about the impact it will have on traffic and parking. They are also concerned about noise pollution and local environmental impacts. In response to these concerns, the airport is offering noise insulation grants worth PS5000. It also intends to increase revenue by opening shops and cafes near the airport.

The protest was organized by the Bristol Airport Action Network, an umbrella group that opposes the airport expansion plans. They will hold a noon-to-two-pm protest on Tuesday and will be joined by other groups. The Aged Agitators, who wear silver capes, and the Extinction Rebellion Bristol will hold vigils outside the courthouse both days of the hearing.

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The Bristol Airport Action Network claims that the proposed expansion would result in a huge increase in car movement and will result in the emission of 1 million tonnes of carbon annually. The group also points out that there are forty countries in the world that emit fewer than one million tonnes of carbon each year.

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