What Are They Protesting About in Bristol?

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The Police, Crime, Sentencing and Courts Bill is currently being debated in Parliament and has several proposals on crime and justice. One section is related to protests and the bill proposes tougher sentencing for protesters. Two protests in Bristol have been disrupted by violent crimes. The new Bill will help improve safety and prevent further trouble.

Extinction Rebellion

A group calling itself Extinction Rebellion has announced plans for a march in Bristol. The Bristol rally is a civil disobedience march that advocates for action on climate change. Its leaders include Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall, Carla Denyer and a young activist named Grace, who spoke to the crowd.

The protest will take place outside the MoD premises in Filton. A group of around 1,000 people is expected to take to the streets of Bristol. The protesters will also hold talks, workshops and trainings. The protest is expected to draw hundreds of people, and Bristol Live will provide updates from the event.

The protests are part of an international movement called Extinction Rebellion. Organisers plan to cause a large disruption in five UK cities to demand urgent action on climate change. Bristol’s Extinction Rebellion group was involved in a similar protest in London earlier this year. The movement aims to mobilize ordinary citizens to take action to stop the loss of biodiversity and reduce greenhouse gas emissions to zero by 2025.

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The protesters’ actions have caused a stir in the city centre. Protesters have blocked roads leading to the M32 and the Ministry of Defence. Medics have been caught in traffic jams as a result of the protests, and many people have complained about the protesters’ actions.

Kill the Bill

The protesters’ aim is to kill the bill, or Police, Crime, Sentencing and Courts Bill, which would increase police powers. The demonstration started off peacefully, but later turned violent after hundreds of protesters marched on New Bridewell police station. During the skirmishes, 21 police officers were injured. In the end, eight people were arrested for violent disorder and possession of an offensive weapon.

The protesters wore face masks and carried placards protesting the police state and the Bill. The clashes continued into the evening. Police chief Superintendent Will White said the scenes were disgraceful and that the protesters had been abrasive towards officers.

The rioters set fire to police vehicles and smashed shop windows. Twenty police officers were injured, including two officers who were seriously injured. Seven people were arrested during the protest. The police, which have been accused of using shields as weapons, have denied the allegations.

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The bill would expand the police’s power to stop and search people. Protesters argue that the new law would criminalise traveller communities. The Government claims the changes will balance the rights of protesters with the rights of the rest of the public. However, it is unlikely that the bill will be rejected before it comes before a key vote in the House of Commons.

The Bristol Anti Repression Campaign supports the people who took to the streets to protest against the Police, Crime, Sentencing and Courts Bill. The group also says that Pitman’s sentence is unjust because it was a result of her standing her ground in front of a crowd and riot gear.

The police are investigating the incident. The police released a press release stating that three police officers were injured, but they were not. The statement lied to the media and politicians from all parties. The police have a responsibility to protect the public, and they are trying to prevent the violence.

Family court

Bristol protestors have made a statement against the Bristol Family Court following recent controversies. The Bristol Feminist Collective says that the decision of the court in these cases is damaging for the children and survivors of domestic abuse. The protest follows an exposé in The Guardian and a Channel 4 Dispatches programme which showed children being removed from their homes and taken to live with their abusive father.

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One protester says she has been fighting for custody of her child for 10 years and estimates she’s spent PS50,000 in legal fees. She believes the system is rigged against women and children. She says family courts take a very narrow view of domestic abuse, failing to recognise patterns of controlling, coercive, and even physical abuse.

The Bristol Domestic Abuse Court has faced criticism from survivors, legal professionals and journalists. These critics have called for more transparency in the court, including making court listings available to the media. They also claim that the Bristol Domestic Abuse Court’s decision-making process is opaque and is causing victims of domestic abuse to be silenced.

The protesters have also claimed that police caused injuries to protesters. The protesters have claimed that 62 people were injured during the Bristol protests. Most likely, the police used tactics like blading. One protester, Carolyn York, claimed that she was struck by a police baton three times and that she had a broken hand. She was also bitten by a police dog. After making her complaint, the investigation into her injuries was stopped. She was later arrested due to her false narrative in court.

Bristol’s case has also raised national debates over statues. After George Floyd’s murder in Minneapolis, anti-racism demonstrations spread across the world. After Colston’s statue was removed from Bristol, a debate raged about memorials erected in the city erupted.

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The Bristol rally was attended by hundreds of protestors. Pro-choice activists had set up the rally after the US Supreme Court ruled against the legality of abortion. They wanted to demonstrate solidarity with American women. They also wanted to show that other countries were standing with the American women.

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